Privacy Policy

Locket is an iOS app and widget that lets you share pictures with your friends, right on your home screen. When you send a picture using Locket, it will magically appear on your friends' home screen, without them having to open the app. Especially because Locket is designed to be used with your closest friends, we care deeply about keeping your data private and secure.

Below, we outline what data we collect and how we use it.

Data We Collect

Personal Information

When you sign up for an account on Locket, you are asked to enter your phone number and name. This data is used to identify you to other Locket and makes it easy for your friends to find your account on the service.

Contacts data

After signing up, Locket asks for access to your address book. This makes it easy to add your friends to your Locket. First and foremost, we never save your contacts and never send text messages to your friends without your explicit permission. Some apps abuse their access to your contacts, so we want to be sure your friends' data always stays in your hands, not ours.

When you add a friend on Locket, we first look up their phone number in our records to see if they already have an account. If they don't, then we store their phone number without any personally identifiable information attached (no name, no profile picture, no nothing). Linking their number to your account means that once they sign up, they can immediately accept your friend request. We do not save the phone numbers of any users you don't explicitly add as a friend.

To invite a new user to the app, Locket gives you the option of sending them a text message with a link to install the app. We do not automatically message your friends on your behalf. Instead, you have to send the message yourself. This means you're always in control of what messages get sent to your friends. Everyone hates when an app secretly sends messages to all their Contacts, us included.

Once you add a friend, Locket looks up the name and profile picture you have saved for that person in your Contacts. This information is then used to identify your friend throughout the app. It's important to note that this data never leaves your phone and never gets saved to our databases.


Sending photos to your friends is incredibly personal, so we work hard to keep this data private and secure. When you send a new photo on Locket, it will be sent to all friends you have added on the app. They will be able to see this photo in real-time in their Locket widget. The photo will also be added to yours and your friends' histories.

Once you've sent a photo, it isn't possible to delete it from other user's phones, so be careful with what photos you choose to send. Think of sending a Locket like sending a text message — once it has been delivered, there isn't any way to take it back. You can, however, delete Lockets from your own phone. If you choose to delete a Locket, it will remove it from your phone, but your friends will still be able to see the photo.

Photos you've sent in the past are not visible to new people you add as friends. For example, if you add a photo to your Locket last week and add a new friend today, your new friend won't be able to see that photo you sent last week. They will only see new photos you've added to your Locket since being friends with them.

Changes to this policy

Locket can change this policy at any time. If this policy is changed, all users will receive a message in the app with the new policy.

Downloading or deleting your data

To download your data or deactivate your account, please email and include the phone number you used to register your account.